Monday, November 26, 2012

The Hobbit World Premiere: Wellington - It Starts!

There will be live streaming from Wellington, New Zealand of The Hobbit world premiere!
I know we are all pretty excited to see Richard Armitage on the red carpet. (Understate things much?)
Photo courtesy The Gallery at
Here are two links where you can find information about watching the big night on the web:

Don't forget it will be happening in the late afternoon on Wednesday in NZ, but if you are in the USA you will watch on Tuesday evening. TORn links to a great event clock here to help you figure out the timing.

And check out more ways to help you connect with other RA admirers if you want to chat during the event.

On Twitter:
Check out #RAHobbitNZ to chat with our little circle of RA supporters. Look on Twitter here or simplify things using TweetChat here. (TORn) will be using #HobbitNZ if you want to follow wider tweeting about all of the New Zealand premiere, likely with slightly less emphasis on RA.

Feel free to post on the Armitage Watch Movie Club wall.

Another option:
Judi Grant (@judiang) has a nice chat room here for those of you who prefer not to use Twitter. It gets hopping, so be prepared!

If you have another place online where you'll be meeting with friends for this event, please share a link in the comments, or tweet me and I'll edit this post to add the info.

Here we go, people!

Hang on for the ride!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is It Time to #LookBack? North and South Watch, Redux


Well, it looks like those of you who bothered to have a say have chosen to watch North and South again this Saturday. It wasn't very scientific, what with Blogger's glitch and the polls being reset (twice) but Saturday, 10 November, all 4 episodes in a row definitely had the most votes every time I checked. We'll run through the show twice, once for UK evening times, and once for US evening times. The UK evening times are afternoon in the US, and the US evening times are mid-day Sunday Down Under, so hopefully you will all find a time that works for you.

My real life will be taking priority and I doubt I'll be able to participate in the Watch, but I will set up timetables and pre-program some tweets to help you all stay on the same page. 

The official tag, courtesy of @Sinjoor will be #LookBack. Apropos, wouldn't you say? Love it. Please feel free to use #LookBack to talk amongst yourselves ahead of time and plan with your friends so you know who will be on Twitter and when, so you can Watch together.

"Look back. Look back at me."

Screencaps courtesy of