Calendar of Upcoming Watches

Play with the tabs on the top right of the calendar to see different views. I prefer "Agenda" which gives you a list view. And/or you can use the darker blue arrow buttons on the left to change the month. Depending on the view you choose, you may need to click on each individual event to see the details of Series/Season and Episode number. Fridays are Guydays (Robin Hood), Saturdays are for Spooks (that's MI-5 in the US), and one weekend a month is dedicated to a film or mini-series.

See the Timetables tab (above) to see when we'll be on TweetChat in your timezone. Hashtag links are in the column to the right of the blog page.

Thanks to Fanny for working out the numbers!


  1. Thanks for this info. When I looked at the timetables, for Friday & Saturday watches, there were two tables indicating afternoon and evening times for the US, etc. Are the chats really held twice each night? Or am I reading it wrong. I'll try to pop in on one of them. Thanks!

    Also, the calendar above still shows TSIS chats on Sundays when they have been shifted to Mondays--since DA is on Sunday nights. Let's hope Twitter is working for me this week and I can get in. Ha!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the late reply. I so rarely get any comments here on this blog that I've been forgetting to check for them. My apologies.

      The Watches are scheduled twice so that one of the timetables has evening times for our friends in the UK. So far there hasn't been any participation during that time, but the option is there for them. If you are interested in watching then, please hijack the relevant hashtag and see if you can drag someone along with you :)

      I (@StacieMakeDo) haven't been participating in the #RA4R3 chats. Sorry I didn't notice the change.

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment.