Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When to Watch? The Impressionists (#MonetWatch)

This is just a quick post to solicit some input.

I submit to you the following:

  • The Watches are much more fun when a lot of us ArmitageWatch at the same time. 
  • Our first Watch (North & South) was very well attended, but the variety of Watch times was overkill.
  • DibleyWatch was well-attended, but only once, during the first US evening time. No one used the #DibleyWatch hashtag for the rest of that weekend though Watches were scheduled every day.
  • When there are too many times scheduled, the participants get spread too thinly which is (see above) not as much fun.

So, I propose narrowing our time options so that more of us will be together at any given Watch.
The problem is - which times do we keep, and which can go?
For me, because I am in the habit of #GuyWatch and #LucasWatch on US Friday and Saturday evenings, those are the times I am most likely to attend #MonetWatch. Now, because The Impressionists is comprised of three one-hour episodes some of us may want to spread the viewing over more than one day.

Here's my proposal (which is very much open for discussion as long as you keep it simple enough for me to wrap my mind around):

We stick to Friday and Saturday and throw the main Sunday Watches out the window. There will be a UK evening = US afternoon Watch, and a US evening (= UK wee hours next day) Watch. Each Watch you can choose to view 1, 2 or all 3 episodes. I'll make up a chart similar to the North & South timetables.

Is that still too many options? Should we get ruthless and pare down even more? #MonetWatch is scheduled to begin this Friday so we don't have much time to dither.

All right, ballplayers. Let's hear some chatter out in the field! Batter up! Hey, battahbattahbattah, sah-wing battah! (Feel free to tweet @ArmitageWatch if you'd rather not leave a comment here.)

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