Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Special Anniversary: #LookBack10

Ten years and the admirers are still going strong.

To celebrate, a North & South Watch is planned for 16 Nov 2014. Remember, I'm in the US, so please forgive me if I say "good evening" and you're eating your breakfast on the other side of the world.

Here is the timetable most participants will be following:

Prime Time USA
USA East CoastUSA West CoastUnited KingdomAustralia
Ep 1    8 PM  5:00 PM1:00 AM11:30 AM
Ep 2    9 PM  6:00 PM2:00 AM12:30 AM
Ep 3  10 PM  7:00 PM3:00 AM1:30 PM
Ep 4  11 PM  8:00 PM4:00 AM2:30 PM

If you would rather, please feel free to show up to Twitter and find a friend or two and follow this timetable instead:

Evening UK
USA East CoastUSA West CoastUnited KingdomVictoria
Ep 1  2 PM  11:00 AM7:00 PM6:00 AM
Ep 2  3 PM  12:00 PM8:00 PM7:00 AM
Ep 3  4 PM  1:00 PM9:00 PM8:00 AM
Ep 4  5 PM  2:00 PM10:00 PM9:00 AM

As I've mentioned before, my timetable skills are sadly lacking. I used the World Meeting Planner but Australia? With some of the time zones having a 1/2 hour "exception" or something? Fuggetaboutit. (Some day I will look up what that is all about because it sounds fascinating to me. Yes, really.) And Daylight Saving Time always throws a wrench in things. Toss in the date line and… the Australian times all seem to be on MONDAY if I'm not mistaken. If you notice a screw-up in my calculations, please let me know.

For this Watch we will be using #LookBack10 as our hashtag. I recently re-investigated and it seems to be up and running again. At first I had an issue with it not loading tweets for me, but it turns out I had to go to the home page and give it permission to use my Twitter account before clicking through to the hashtag "room" I was looking for.

I'm not sure if the speed on TweetChat is better than on Twitter itself. It used to be a real advantage to use TweetChat simply for the fact that whichever chat room you were in, your tweets would have the appropriate hashtag added automatically. But the main of Twitter has changed a lot since those first Watches, not to mention the apps, so it may be just as quick and easy for you to participate however you normally use Twitter. You make the call. Just remember to tag your tweets if you want other participants to be able to appreciate your wit and insight. Or your pining for Mr Thornton. We all know how it is.

Ah, the good old days…

One hour per episode is pretty dang exact if you are watching on DVD (the Netflix version is edited to be shorter - you'll end up ahead a bit which can't be helped). You will only have a minute to switch DVDs to the next episode. I don't think we'll be able to stay exactly on track, but adding any extra time between episodes didn't make sense logistically. I expect there will also be some lag in our Twitter feed simply due to the nature of the interwebs. And remember, no pausing for bathroom breaks! LOL Yes, take your break, but let the movie play while you're gone or you'll be way out of sync when you get back. I still think we can pull it off and have a great time together.

Happy Anniversary, John and Margaret!

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