Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There's Homework to Do (part I)

First thing:  You need a way to watch North & South with us. If you're able, I suggest watching on DVD. My first viewings had been of the Netflix version but after watching the DVD I finally saw how many lovely little scenes had been cut out for the American market. Not enough to ruin the story, but enough that seeing those scenes helped me fall in love with the production all over again. The DVD also has extras including a deleted scenes track of scenes that didn't make it into either version (I finally understand why all the fruit baskets) and an interview with Richard Armitage.

Screencap courtesy of

Second thing:  Prepare for your tweeting. I made a handy page of links HERE if you need help getting started. (It's also one of the tabs near the top of this page.) Make sure your Twitter account is in good standing. Take a gander at our Tweetchat room to make sure you know how it works, maybe trying it out by tweeting a short message like "I can't wait for the first weekend in June!" When I was figuring out Tweetchat, I would sometimes go back and forth to my home Twitter page just to make sure my tweets looked like I wanted them to. Don't forget that if you type from Tweetchat, it will automatically add the # tag you're following.
If you have a protected (locked) Twitter account, I think you'll need to unlock it for the tweet-a-long if you want participants other than your followers to see your contributions.

Thirdly:  And, do I really need to say it? Make sure you have an internet connection from your viewing area. If you'll be at a coffee shop or library (maybe with a group?) figure out how their wifi works. Or make sure you have phone reception. If you're watching your DVD from your laptop, you'll probably want another way to tweet.

What else can you think of? Let me know in the comments. I'll do another Homework post next week.


  1. All good advice. The only thing I can think of to add is to help promote the event. :)

  2. Thanks for your help. Even if I am the idiot of the net, I think I can take part of the group, having all the necessary information.