Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tweeting Our admiRAtion (redux)

This post has been whooshed here from ArmitageTweetup. Fanny and I decided the name ArmitageWatch better reflected what we're all trying to represent. Thanks for following us through this slight hiccup.

Hello to all Richard Armitage admirers!
If, like me, you can't believe how far away December seems, this blog may help.

Considering the dearth of news about RA lately, a few of us on Twitter decided that having a tweetup/tweetfest/tweetchat for North & South would be a fun activity. At the moment I'm not very organized on this brand new blog, but I can point you in the direction of this informative post at Fanny's blog. Fanny took the ball and ran with it, as you can see. If you can help us spread the news, we'd be grateful. Blogging about it is much appreciated. Don't forget the tag #RichardArmitage or #RichardArmitageNS if you're tweeting.

In the next few days I'll post more about the North & South tweetchat, including links to Facebook and pages just for us. If I can help you spread the word about a real tweetup in your area to watch with a group, please let me know. It would be awesome to hear how you're spreading the love, though a bunch of friends on your couch counts, too. Tweet the details to @ArmitageTweetup and I will RT at your request.

If the North & South Tweetfest goes well, we hope to do tweet-a-longs for other Richard Armitage works, and then hopefully meet up with new friends at midnight showings all around the world in December.

Let's have some fun together while we wait for The Hobbit!

Special thanks to @lovemrthornton and @Sinjoor for keeping the spark of this alive. Mwah.


  1. This is great. I look forward to what's coming.

    My only qualm, and it's a small one is that it's on blogger and not WP. But then I'm biased. :D

  2. Great idea a perfect way to help pass some time until The Hobbit ☺ and get a much needed RA fix ♥

  3. Lovely intro!! Exactly how it happened! Yeah @Frenz it was a spontaneous coRAboRAtion LOL
    @Mersguy your timezone has been added to original post :)
    I think I may have found the PERFECT excuse to watch the 4th episode over and over and OVER

  4. Frenz, I'm sure you're right - I should've used WP. It is vastly superior if your splendid blog is any indication.
    Give me time but keep me honest!
    Cheers, dear! ;)

    Everyone - go read those blogs on the blogroll while you wait for my sawdust to settle.

  5. What a fab idea. Thanks for putting in the Aussie time zones!