Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Time to Re-Wind the Watches!

Now that we've all had our chance to see The Hobbit, it seems that insatiable being, the Twitter Delegation of the Armitage Army, wants MOAR, more RA that is.

Ahem. Calm yourselves, please.


"@ArmitageWatch, at your service."

Not only has it come to my attention that some of you haven't even seen Robin Hood and/or Spooks/MI-5 yet, I've also heard some of you Watch veterans say you are ready to do it again.

Yes. It is time to re-wind the Watches.

Watches will resume this Friday (#GuyWatch) and Saturday (#LucasWatch). We watch two episodes each night. Right now I've scheduled them on our ArmitageWatch calendar for the next several weeks (see tab above), but some of these will be subject to change since I haven't yet made room for any of the other Watches we might want to have, such as #DibleyWatch or #JohnWatch. (Ha! Just kidding about #JohnWatch, there'd be no way to keep that one straight!) Make that #PorterWatch or another #LookBack... there's a list in the sidebar. The # tags listed there are also links to the TweetChat rooms we use. If you need more explanation about how the Watches work, see the Group Chats via Twitter tab. And don't forget to check the Timetables to figure out when things start in your neck of the woods.

See you on Twitter! (Don't forget to follow @ArmitageWatch to keep in touch.)

p.s. I'm in the US, so when I say Friday and Saturday, I mean in this part of the world. Thanks for understanding.

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