Friday, March 15, 2013

You Knew It Was Coming! #ThorinWatch!

FanstRAvaganza 4!

When this whole ArmitageWatch thing started, it was North and South, a sigh, and a dream...
Now that we have several Watches under our belts (check out that impressive list of hash tags in the sidebar — Whoa) you had to know #ThorinWatch was next on the list!

This post is to request input about which day will work best. The plan at the moment is to follow the same timetables we used for #HeinzWatch (see timetable tab above and scroll down), but the date is not yet set.

Please take the polls in the sidebar, or leave a comment here. Your replies will help me plan the dates for #ThorinWatch. After all, no one wants to fangirl alone, do they? Thank you so very much for your help!

And don't forget... Black Sky won't be too far behind! Personally, I can't wait for #GaryWatch, even though Gary doesn't have a beard :(D)


  1. Well, I'll wait the extended edition... But, since I don't have idea when it will be release in my country, probably, I'll end buying the first copy available :-)

  2. Yeah, I think I'll wait for the extended edition too. Hubby has the extended versions of the LotR films, so it would go in the collection. :)

    1. Surely you are not giving him full custody of a RA movie? ;-) lol

  3. Woohoo! Looking forward to the watch!

  4. Oops! It's An Unexpected Journey. Sorry for the mistake. I guess in my head it's only There and Back Again, and the trilogy names for the movies don't stick with me as well ;)

  5. Hahaha, I just read the little "About Me" blurb - nice! I have never taken part in any of the "watches" but maybe now is the time. Will come back and have a look often.

  6. The perfect time for me is a wed morning (your Tuesday night) as kids at school and LSH (long suffering husband) at work. Otherwise if its on a weekend I will have to pack them off to the park for a few hours!!! Hopefully one day we cld organise one for those of us 'down south'. I guess it depends on responses. I will try my best to attend- it sounds like fun!

  7. My THAUJ dvd is on preorder. So I hope it arrives on March 19th. Fingers crossed! Then I'm in for a #ThorinWatch!

  8. This is great! You are doing a wonderful service for the fandom. :) I hope I will be able to take part sometime soon. I haven't got a Hobbit video yet...

  9. I'm waiting for the extended version too, but not to worry. After all the films are out they'll release an amazing boxset and then I'm be peeved off that I already spent money on the seperate DVD's.
    It's a fun game between WB and the fan/viewer, although I do wonder why I always end up being a few coins poorer ;)