Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Time Once Again, Or So I've Been Told (#LookBackRA)

After a few positive comments on Twitter, it has been decided the Watches once again need winding, and of course we will start where we always start, with "Look Back, Look Back At Me" which is the gratifying North & South.

Our intrepid @Sinjoor started the clocks ticking again by bringing to my attention a happy misunderstanding.

As for the question one always asks of a Watch, "What time is it?" Well you may ask. Earlier posts on this blog and the various pages (tabs above) will show you to what lengths we went in the past in order to coordinate viewers. We strove to weave together the time zones as only fanatics on Twitter can do. Do we need to do that again? Will your mainspring be sprung if we stick to evening in the Americas? There is already a timetable for UK evening times, and even one for Australian evening times, but what makes Watches fun is the level of participation. A bit of a let down to schedule a Watch for Oz and only have one person show up.
Please chime in! I'll try to get some polls up for you to vote on (check the side bar), or feel free to tweet me @ArmitageWatch or leave a comment. While you're at it, let me know what you think of another round of #GuyWatch and #LucasWatch.

The tentative plan right now is to follow the Prime Time USA table that we used for the first #LookBack (click on this linked page and scroll down).
The date would be either 24 or 31 May, 2014 which is Saturday evening in my time zone (USA Mountain). The hashtag this time is #LookBackRA.

One last thing. RAFrenzy has offered to award a prize to one lucky #LookBackRA participant. This is a definite maybe and will most likely happen, so you don't want to miss out! lol And I ask you: Who doesn't need an extra copy of North & South to give to a friend so yours will stay safe My Precious  so you can help them over the RA cliff so you can introduce them to the best thing the BBC has given us since Darcy went for a swim? Right?

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