Thursday, April 4, 2013

The First #ThorinWatch

     I thought having a poll to decide the date for #ThorinWatch would be helpful. Thank you to those who voted, but would you just look at those results? It's a three-way tie for the first three Saturdays listed. Ha! I prefer to interpret that to mean most of you want to watch The Hobbit "early and often" and I hear you saying, "Quitcher dilly-dallying!" Alrighty, then.

from Stay.See.Make.Do

     Without further ado, the first #ThorinWatch will be April 13th, 2013. (Please see the Timetables page for details.) A second #ThorinWatch for the next Saturday may be scheduled depending on the input I get from you all. If you can't make the first Watch, or you can't bear the idea of not doing the whole thing over as soon as possible, please let me know and I'll see about getting you some professional help what we can work out.

If you don't know how to use Twitter or TweetChat, or are scratching your head to figure out what the heck the point of this blog is, please see the Group Chats via Twitter page and/or leave me a comment.


  1. I may be totally missing something here but what time? There are 2 on the timetables page - 1 for UK evening and 1 for USA evening. Are you doing 2 or one of those? Thanks!

    1. Sorry I didn't make that clear. There are TWO Watches and people are free to join either one or both. Because most of the participants are in the US and the UK, the charts are based on evening prime times for those places.

      There used to be a third chart for evening times in Oceania, but after a having zero participants at those times, and asking for input, I gave that one up. If you know someone in Oceania to Watch with, go ahead and set up a time and hijack the #ThorinWatch tag. I only ask that your Watch doesn't overlap one of the other Watches, because that would make the chats rather confusing. Scroll down the Timetables page for examples from #RichardArmitageNS. At the bottom there is a link to the WorldTimeServer to help coordinate time zones.

      Hope that helps.

  2. thanks! It does help. So Im going to try and join the 5am one as my family is still asleep!(my time)- so thats the UK evening one.Will hopefully see you then x