Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer 2014 #GuyWatch #LucasWatch

Just a quick FYI: #GuyWatch and #LucasWatch are now scheduled for every Friday and Saturday respectively, for the rest of the summer. There are two episodes each night. Check the calendar and timetable tabs (above). We are not taking any breaks for holidays.

So far there hasn't been a lot of participation, but I'm hoping that people will drop in when they can. Most of you know the episodes by heart (Don't you? Admit it.) and I'll bet you can follow the hashtag(s) and participate by tweet even if you can't actually sit in front of the video. After all, we've done these Watches before ;)

Please let me know if you find any mistakes in the scheduling. Thank you! The last #GuyWatch will have 3 episodes in a row because of the odd number in the season.

This schedule follows the old pattern of #GuyDayFriday and #SpooksSaturday.

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